Thrillers and Science Fiction

by Debra E. Blaine, MD

Winner of the NABE Pinnacle Book Achievement Award for Political Thrillers, 2021

Winner of the NABE Pinnacle Book Achievement Awards for Dystopian Fiction, 2022

Distinguished Favorite of the New York City Big Book Awards, 2019

When his nephew shows up covered in blood and remembering nothing, Russell is yanked into a world of treachery and imperial deceit.

Both astonished and terrified, he discovers he sustained a brain mutation in childhood that has given him extraordinary mental abilities. Abilities which are only just now surfacing.

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For 12 years, Russell has kept his brilliant refugees secluded from the cruel, chaotic dictatorship that now rules the United States. And until now, the violent planetary eruptions and seismic storms have not seriously threatened their Catskills community.

But now everything has changed.


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Dr. Tobi Lister suspects her patients are being murdered.

And it looks like her medical director is meddling with her patients’ electronic charts.

Tobi tries to tell herself she’s imagining things, but she’s more frightened by the day. And when the man who deserted her decades ago reaches out…


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