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Selections from Portfolio

Tick Tips for First Year Residents

Eating with Gout, short blurb

Blog Intro, Anxiety

So your patient brought you a tick…


It’s hiking season and being outdoors is still the safest place to be in the pandemic. One day, your patient brings you a tick she found on her shoulder. Do you:

  1. Send it for tick analysis?
  2. Start her on a two week course of doxycycline?
  3. Draw a tick panel and test for Lyme disease?

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Just ONE Diet for Everything — Including Gout


Another diet. Ouch. Sounds almost as painful as a gout attack!


Say, what? You don’t need 2 different diets?

Uric acid can prompt painful gout episodes, and it’s found in red meats, sugary drinks, alcohol, and organ meats, like liver. (1)


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Finding an Anchor in a Sea of Anxiety

So many of us find we are afloat in an ocean of negative emotions. “What will happen if I do x,” or— “what will happen if I don’t?” At some point, it may simply become: “What will happen?”


We live in a society of attention deficiency. Look at this, buy that, the “cool” people do this. Thousands of advertisements on our phones…


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