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The Healing Power of Purring

Great Balls of Lightning

How Climate Changes our Health

The Healing Power of Purring


If you’ve ever had the experience of sitting with a cat who is purring, you have most likely felt soothed and calm, and perhaps even found yourself smiling. The soft vibration of a furry creature has an extraordinary, but fairly uniform effect on humans. And did you know? It has the same effect on them.

What is purring?

Purring occurs when the muscles of the larynx…

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Great Balls of Lightning


Have you ever heard of lightning in the shape of a ball that can float right through your window and into your living room?


We normally think of lightning as electricity that careens down from the sky and strikes the highest point on the ground that conducts electricity. It can be spectacularly beautiful if you’re watching from a dry point in the distance, but if you happen to get caught on a beach or a flat plain, you …  


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How Climate Changes our Health


Blistering heat has been breaking records all over the globe this summer. It’s the hot news story of 2023.


But if your air conditioner is working and you don’t live near an area prone to wildfires, is it really worth worrying about?


Has the whole concept of climate change become either hackneyed or hopeless, overstated or…


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Tick Tips for First Year Residents

Eating with Gout, short blurb

Blog Intro, Anxiety

So your patient brought you a tick…


It’s hiking season and being outdoors is still the safest place to be in the pandemic. One day, your patient brings you a tick she found on her shoulder. Do you:

  1. Send it for tick analysis?
  2. Start her on a two week course of doxycycline?
  3. Draw a tick panel and test for Lyme disease?

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Just ONE Diet for Everything — Including Gout


Another diet. Ouch. Sounds almost as painful as a gout attack!


Say, what? You don’t need 2 different diets?

Uric acid can prompt painful gout episodes, and it’s found in red meats, sugary drinks, alcohol, and organ meats, like liver. (1)


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Finding an Anchor in a Sea of Anxiety

So many of us find we are afloat in an ocean of negative emotions. “What will happen if I do x,” or— “what will happen if I don’t?” At some point, it may simply become: “What will happen?”


We live in a society of attention deficiency. Look at this, buy that, the “cool” people do this. Thousands of advertisements on our phones…


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