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I  help you connect with your audience.

Freelance Writing

For Pets and their Humans

As a freelance writer, I can help you spread your mission, strengthen relationships with your clients, and attract more people who can benefit from what you do.

I do this through:

  • Blogs
  • Newsletters
  • Email marketing (including automations)
  • Educational articles
  • Web Content

My primary passion is animals and the Earth.

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For Authors

Writing, Editing, Publishing

I’ll help you with plot, organization, suspense triggers, and fulfilling the promises your story makes to readers, AND make sure your story is in line with your chosen genre.


I can edit your book if it’s in its final draft stage.


And coach you through the self-publishing process for wide distribution on all platforms.


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Check Out My Books

Dystopian Thrillers and Science Fiction

My own award-winning medical and political thrillers, and science fiction.


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As a recovering, burned-out physician, I offer coaching services to other professionals struggling to find a more satisfying life.


You are the hero in your story, and you shape how your life unfolds, consciously or not. I help you design your journey with purpose.


I’m certified through FIA International as a Master Trainer Coach.


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FREE Dystopian Medical Thriller

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Cassidy faces the terrifying possibility that her erroneous diagnosis is NOT a mistake: she’s been targeted for termination.


And in a world where artificial intelligence runs the health system, it’s not clear if it’s a glitch in programming–or–if someone wants her dead!